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U.S. Geological Survey
Iowa Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
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Iowa State University
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Most Recent News

We are looking for three highly motivated students to join a large collaborative effort evaluating the ability of restored oxbow off-channel habitats to serve as source or sink habitats for endangered Topeka shiners and other species of conservation need.

One student will collect and analyze fish, habitat, and genetic data in streams and oxbows in the Rock and North Raccoon watersheds and;

Another student will collect and analyze fish, habitat, and genetic data in the Boone watershed.

The Forest Remote Sensing Lab at Iowa State University seeks a motivated M.S.

Utah State University is looking to fill a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position for assessing the state of river ecosystem science for the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo del Norte. Budy&Schmidt_Rio_Grande_PostDoc_USU.pdf

The Missouri Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit and the University of Missouri are looking for a Postdoctoral Research Associate that will conduct research evaluating the persistence of neonicotinoid insecticides in publicly managed agroecosystems and eludicating neonicotinoid effects on terrestrial invertebrate communities. Click here for more information 2015-09-01 - Postdoc announcement_MU.pdf


The New Mexico Cooperative Research Unit, with New Mexico State University, seek a research associate with an M.S. and 3 years of experience or Ph.D. from an accredited fisheries or aquatic ecology/biology program. Applicant will work with an amazing team of USGS fisheries biologists to conduct a 3.5 year study to assess effects of drought on Rio Grande cutthroat trout populations in northern New Mexico.  The research project will include field work and model development to assess the effects of seasonal changes in discharge on long term population persistence.