Simulation models developed as part of the Clear Lake Project


Models developed during the Clear Lake Ecosystem simulation study for use by stakeholders to evaluate potential restoration and management strategies can be found on this page. Models can be read and simulated using the freely available ISEE Player which can be downloaded at:


CarpBioDyn is a tool to evaluate common carp biomass suppression by commercial harvest. This is a production model that fitted a semi-discrete biomass dynamics model to a time series of common carp biomass estimates and indices (i.e., CPUE) via maximum likelihood in R. The parameterized model was then constructed in STELLA with a user interface so that managers could evaluate management strategies and the effect of unintentional underharvest on biomass dynamics. download here (Zip file) This model requires ISEE Player


CLESM is a tool to evaluate the effects of varying non-native species dynamics and restoration on water quality, recreational fishery yield, and primary production in an ecosystem context for a shallow eutrophic lake in Iowa. Specifically, the model was developed to assess the impacts of common carp and a recent invasion of zebra mussels on an economically and recreationally important lake, Clear Lake, located in north central Iowa. download here (Zip file) This model requires ISEE Player

People Involved

Mike Colvin

Clay Pierce

Tim Stewart