Christopher Sullivan

Former Graduate Student
BIghead Carp from the Missouri River

After defending his thesis, Chris accepted a position with the  University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point as a Research Biologist.


I received my undergraduate degrees of Forestry and Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (double major) from Purdue University in 2013. While at Purdue, I conducted undergraduate research evaluating the influence of gear type and analytical methodology on fish assemblage characterisations in northern Indiana temperature lakes under the supervision of Dr. Tomas Höök, Zach Feiner, Dave Coulter, and Steve Donabauer.

My MS research at Iowa State University is focused on two of the arguably the most notorious aquatic invasive species in North America, Silver and Bighead Carp. Broadly, I am interested in modes of range expansion of these species in the Mississippi River and the role large-scale climatic processes have on dynamic rates. Additionally, I would like to explore how local-scale climatic events influence seasonal sampling dynamics and site occupancy and detection of Asian Carp in hopes to improve current monitoring of these invaders in the Upper Mississippi River.


Distribution and Population Dynamics of Asian Carp in Iowa Rivers



Sullivan, C. J., Coulter, D. P., Feiner, Z. S., Donabauer, S. B. and Höök, T. O. (2015), Influences of gear type and analytical methodology on fish assemblage characterisations in temperate lakes. Fisheries Management and Ecology, 22: 388–399. doi: 10.1111/fme.12138​

Area of Expertise: 
Fisheries Biology
B.S., Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Purdue University 2013
B.S., Forestry, Purdue University, 2013
215 Science Hall 2