Kendra Lee

Administrative Specialist
Kendra Lee

I provide administrative services for the Unit, including accounting, contract management, purchasing, federal vehicle management and Unit graduate student orientation and training. I'm the primary point of contact with USGS Coop headquarters in Reston, VA. In addition, I'm the pre-award grant coordinatory for both Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM) and Entomology.

I began working at ISU way back in the day at the Limnology Lab as a research associate doing both field and lab work, collecting and analyzing surface water samples. I then joined the ISU Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering lab as an assistant scientist analyzing all sorts of samples and more recently as the Lab Manager there. And, for several years, I worked at ISU Environmental Health & Safety in radiation and laboratory safety.  

Area of Expertise: 
Coop administrative assistance
NREM/Ent pre-award support
B.S., Biology, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
338 Science II