Dr. Robert W Klaver

Unit Leader
Collaborating NREM Faculty Member
Photograph of Robert Klaver

Bob joined the Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in 2012 as the Unit Leader.  He grew up in Iowa and lived in Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, and South Dakota before returning to Iowa.  Bob has worked with multiple species from grizzly bears, bighorn sheep to grassland birds.  He has extensive experience with GIS.  Bob’s main research interest is applying geospatial analysis to the analysis of habitat use and selection and population dynamics for species conservation.




A Ecl 611, Analysis of Populations


My research spans a wide variety of collaborative projects on multiple wildlife taxa, from birds to bears. Much of this work has integrated remote sensing data with population biology and habitat use and selection.


For a listing of Dr. Klaver's publications, please see his page in the U.S. Geological Survey's Cooperative Research Units website.

Area of Expertise: 
Wildlife Biology
B. S., Iowa State University, 1971
B. S., University of Montana, 1974
M. S., University of Montana, 1977
Ph.D., South Dakota State University, 2001